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  • As an art site, WildDream emphasizes the copyrights and originalities. Please guarantee the originalities of your works, and select the appropriate copyright form when publishing. Please DO NOT make tort, such as to counterdraw, plagiarize, or appropriate others' work to yourself. Any work involves the above suspicions will be deleted instantly. Please report works with above behavior by clicking the "Tort Report" on the bottom the page when you see them. WildDream does not offer arbitration services or guarantee for the originalities of works for it is not a legal institution.
  • As a platform for all ages, WildDream DOES NOT accept any works or comments involves R18 elements. They will be deleted instantly if discovered. However, if for art needs, containing contents includes slight bloody or horrible scenes, or rough words, or slight sex implications that may not fit children, please select the appropriate label.
  • As a platform for animal, anthro & fantasy creture, WildDream may contain some fantasy and role-playing stuff. Users' fictitious personalities are protected. Issues that seriously deviate from these topics or are controversial, including but not limited to politics, religions and human racial issues, will be forbidden.
  • As an experimental, non-profit fandom platform, WildDream does not guarantee for its continuous operation. If it was planned to terminate the services, notices would be made at least one month earlier. Users should backup data by themselves in that case.

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