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QQ Bot

Hello everyone, this is Wild from WildDream, providing you the service of WildDream Art on the QQ platform.

Welcome to add Wild's QQ account: 3588038242 as a friend, and add Wild to Your group to use the Bot service

Currently supported commands are:

  • 来张兽图 / 来点兽图: randomly select a work from the WildDream creation station according to the number of favorites and push *
  • 订阅每日兽图 / 退订每日兽图: Ono will push a popular work of WildDream creation station in the group every morning *, you can pass these two works in the group Command to subscribe or unsubscribe from the service (this command is only valid for groups)
  • 来张画 [英文画面描述]: Ono will use the AI drawing model to draw a picture according to the description provided. The description must be in full English and more than 20 characters. In order for Ono to serve you all the time, please do not provide any description that does not comply with laws and regulations. (This command is temporarily only valid for groups with more than 100 members)
  • 帮助: show a list of currently supported commands

* Does not include works that are set to "prohibit right-click". The pushed works are preview images with compressed image quality, the number of pixels is within 1024px * 1024px, and there is a watermark containing the author's name and the link to the work. At the same time, the author's name and the WildDream number of the work are pushed.