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Introduction of Website

WildDream is an art site and community about animal, anthro and fantasy creature, mainly for the sharing of original works.

Different from many similar websites, our website system "Wilddream Platform" is fully independently designed and developed, without dependence on any other platform. It contains many new features besides to the inheritance of some famous art platforms', such as DeviantART and FurAffinity.

It means that WildDream is of uniqueness. we will develop new functions and keep continuous updating according to creators' needs during the operation.

So far, this is system is not perfect, some bugs may exist. We believe that it will be able to provide a better experience after series of tests and feedbacks.

As a platform for people with similar hobbies, WildDream is non-profit. At the same time, we believe that the existing wild creatures on earth are always the source of the creation of animal related artworks. WildDream Art donates part of the profit to animal conservation organizations, hoping to bring some help to their survival and development.

By the way, WildDream has incorporated and deposited "FurArt", a Chinese furry platform, whose services have already been stopped. WildDream conserves it files for the history of Chinese mainland furry fandom. You can access to it by the URL of http://furart.wilddream.net.

Thank you for supporting WildDream. We hope that it can bring you more harvest and happiness as an animal painting enthusiast, fantastic creatures fans or anthro art fans.

Designer of Wilddream Platform

Snowkylin Lazarus


The fursona of WildDream Art are wolf cub "Wild"(小野)and dragon cub "Dream"(祈梦)。


Artist: RisingWind

Sticker of Wild and Dream

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Artist: 浅丼

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