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Partner Sites

http://blog.furry.tw - MaoMaoDaXiaoShi, a webiste about information of furries, animals, fursuits and mascots, from Taiwan.

https://www.furrycons.cn - Furry Event China, a website gathering event information for Chinese furries.

https://kemono.games - Kemono Games, a website dedicated to collecting all kemono games, and fully optimized for visits in Mainland China.

http://wildpolis.net - Wild Polis, a forum from Taiwan, which is a place for furries to speak freely and show their imagination.

http://wolfbbs.net - Wolves' Paradise, an XO furry forum.

http://www.dragicland.com - Dragicland, a theme forum about furries, animals and fantasy creatures, from Chinese Mainland.

https://www.furagon.com - Dragon Kingdom, a gathering place for furries, dragon lovers and fantasy creatures, from Chinese Mainland.

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WildDream welcomes URL exchanges of other sites about furries, animals and art composition.
These requirements should be met:
  1. The target website does not offer deposit services for R18 works.
  2. The target website does not contain issues that seriously deviate from topics about animal, anthro or fantasy creature, or are controversial, including but not limited to politics, religions and human racial issues.
  3. The target website respects and values originalities and copyrights.
  4. The applicant is able to be on behalf of the target website.
Welcome E-mail to admin@wilddream.net to exchange the URL if those requirements are met.