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WildDream Composition Forum

Composition forum of Chinese furry for all ages

Composition Forum Suggestion Report Forum

Notices for use of composition forum:

This is a composition forum of Chinese furry for all ages. Contents that are appropriate to be published include:
  • Information about commissions and exchange commissions.
  • Discussion, communication, share and assistance about composition methods and skills.
  • Self-introduction.
  • Discussion and popularization about furry works and activities.
  • Other contents about furries.
Contents that are inappropriate to be published include:
  • Any contents about R18, including sex implications, rough jokes, discussions and URLs contains R18 elements.
  • Issues that seriously deviate from furry topics or are controversial, including but not limited to politics, religions and human racial issues.
  • Articles involving personal dispute, attack, quarrel, discrimination or factionalism.
  • Advertisements which have nothing to do with furry topics.
  • Appeals about copyrights. Please click the "Tort Report" on the bottom of the page and wait for the deal if necessary.
Please pay attention to the notices when publishing:
  • This forum is about composition, not about making friends. Please avoid emphasizing your location, sex orientation, contact information, etc. You may be forbidden to enter the forum if you are considered not having the purpose of communications of composition.
  • WildDream does not guarantee for profitable commissions in the forum. If you recruit exchange commissions publicly, please clarify that whether the approximate equivalence of exchange commissions is required or not, and please show your works if yes.
  • This is only a forum simply about communications of furry, thus there is no leader in any means.
  • This is a forum mainly in Chinese. Both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese are permitted, so are other languages. People should keep respect each other, communicate equally rather than unnecessary and unproductive dispute.



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You need to publish at least 1 works for publishing a new topic in the composition forum.