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Registration of Artwork for WildDream Yearbook 2024






Hey everyone! The annual WildDream Art Collection is back on schedule and about to kick off! 🎉

As usual, we plan to compile works published on the WildDream website from June 2023 to June 2024 (or around that time, not strictly limited, but no resubmissions of old works) into a physical book, available for sale during the summer fur exhibition. 🐾

All artists who publicly submitted work during this period are eligible to register. We encourage diverse styles and themes, including novel submissions, to showcase the collection's role in compiling and recording the site's creativity. Don't be shy, submit your work! We're waiting for your message! 😊

If you're interested in granting permission for your work, please click the "Join the Event" button below to register. We'll prioritize negotiations with registered artists. 📝

Profits from the sale of this year's collection (excluding production costs) will be donated to animal conservation organizations. For more info on the charitable efforts, please visit the provided link: https://www.wilddream.net/Art/index/introduction#yearbook. 🐾💚